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The Art of the Deal

Welcome to The Art of the Deal, a game mode where you will need to plan, negotiate, bribe, and backstab if you wish to become the winning faction. This game mode has specific mechanics that you need to familiarize with before playing, so read below - this article is not very long.

The Factions

There are four companies in the game mode:

  • Goldstein Solutions, known as the yellow team, with its base on the North-West part of the map. Phone number: 4444
  • Kogama Kraftsmen, known as the green team, with its base on the South-West part of the map. Phone number: 3333
  • Giovanni Blu, known as the blue team, with its base on the North-East part of the map. Phone number: 2222
  • Rednikov Industries, known as the red team, with its base on the South-East part of the map. Phone number: 1111

In some rounds, the Police might be active. The Police station is near the center of the map - see The Art of the Deal#The Police for their specific mechanics.

There are also Paramedics. They have a fully furnished hospital and ambulances. Be aware that killing a paramedic will greatly reduce your faction’s score! Both the Police and Paramedics can be reached by calling 911.


The HQ

Each company headquarters features a meeting room, an armory/storage room, a vault, a common area, and a garage. Below is a screenshot of the Red Corporation’s HQ - all others have a similar layout.

Red HQ

Meeting Room

This is where the team members spawn. Players should take some time before the grace wall ends to plan their strategy. There is a wall map that can be used to check which areas to go to.


At every company’s HQ there is a storage room with equipment racks. While the equipment is free, you will have to spend some of the company money to buy weapons at the gun shop or on the DEEPNET.


The vault is where your team’s starting disks are located. The vault is where money should be deposited to keep it safe. Team leaders should make sure the money is spent appropriately.

The Map

The map is divided into 10 columns from A to J, and 10 lines from 1 to

  1. Each square has 22x22 tiles. You can check your current position on the top of the screen, along with the coordinates. At the HQ, there is a wall map that can be used for planning during the briefing: this map can be drawn on. Players also spawn with a portable map.


Radios and Phones

Each person spawns with a single-frequency radio tuned to that factions frequency. It can be used to securely talk with fellow company members.

Company Telephones can be used to contact 911 or other companies. The numbers are pre-stored in the address book of the static phones at the HQ.


Each base has computers that can be used to access the black market (DEEPNET), and to send e-mails to other companies. Each company has a general e-mail, as below, but each member also has a personal e-mail. When you login you can see all the personal and global e-mails.

Company HQ Phone Global E-mail
Rednikov Industries 1111
Kogama Kraftsmen 2222
Giovanni Blu Stocks 3333
Goldstein Solutions 4444


Each company starts with several real and fake disks. Only the company who produced the disk can check if it is real or not by examining the disk.

Disks also have active and inactive states - to activate a disk, you need to put it next to another faction’s disk, for example, during an exchange. Disks can only be activated once. You can check if a disk is active by examining it.

To read a disk, put it into the computer at the HQ. What you get for it depends on three factors: 1) if the disk is real, 2) if it is active, and 3) if it was exchanged (activated) with a real or fake disk.

Reading an inactive disk:

  • If real, you gain 100 dollars and 100 points.
  • If fake, you lose 100 points.

Reading an active disk:

A↓ B→ Real Fake
Real Both give 400$ & 400 pts Real gives 200$ & 200 pts
Fake Real gives 200$ & 200 pts Both lose 200 pts


Each company has a factory area that can be used to produce electronic components. They need a specific precursor crystal to produce their faction-specific component, that must be acquired from other company - They will also be able to order a precursor needed for another company to manufacture their proprietary component. The necessary precursors will be randomized each round.

To produce, use the crystals on the loader part of the machine and wait about 1 minute.

Example: Yellow company needs the red precursor to manufacture the yellow chip this round. Only the Red company can order the red precursor, so they will have to deal with them. Then they can sell the chip to any company who needs it to fulfill a deal, as deals will always require third party chips (Yellow will never get an order for yellow chips)

The company will receive e-mails with orders for components regularly, so be sure to check the desktop computer. Each order will feature a postbox location where the products are to be delivered. The payment will be delivered to the safe at the HQ.

Precursors can be ordered from the E-LEKTRA marketplace on each desktop.

Company Precursor Needed Chip Produced
Red crimsonite crystals RDKV S-445 chip
Green verdine crystals McGT S5R1 chip
Yellow galdonium crystals GS-IC-M3 chip
Blue indigon crystals GBSA-1994 chip


Vehicles can be bought at the car dealership in the center. Be aware that driving cars stolen from other companies will get you a warrant!


There are two ways of acquiring guns - legal and illegal.

To get them legally, go to the Police Station with 100 dollars and use the terminal at the reception. You will need to have a clean record. Then you can go to the gun shop at the center and buy them.

To get them ilegally, you will need to either buy them from another company, get someone to buy them for you, or find a black market vendor. Be aware that unregistered guns with their numbers filed out are illegal to possess even if you have a gun permit.

Citizen’s Arrest

You can arrest a member of another company who has a pending warrant. Bring him handcuffed/roped to the station and use the terminal in the reception. You will get paid 100 dollars.

The Police

The police is in charge of making sure everyone follows the law. Check The Art of the Deal#Rules for which laws can be enforced.

The Station

Police Station

Main Room

This is where the team members spawn. Players should take some time before the grace wall ends to plan their strategy. There is a wall map that can be used to check which ares to go to, and a 911 terminal where you can receive calls from the factions.


The Police armory has plenty of equipment available for free for all the members of the force. Other factions can’t access the lockers.

Evidence Room

This is where the Police should keep apprehended money, guns, and disks. They will count towards the score as long as they’re there.


If the police manage to arrest a faction member, they should be brought here. Sit them in the bench next to the terminal, and use it to check for warrants. If the suspect has pending warrants, it will automatically clear them and give the Police points, so they can be released.


The Police Department has 2 starting police interceptors across the street.

The Map

See The Art of the Deal#The Map.


Police radios are single-frequency and encrypted, meaning that other factions cannot listen to police communications unless they manage to get one of their radios.

Police Codes

As an officer, you can use police codes for fast broadcasting. It will be automatically converted to plaintext. Just use the radio prefix followed by the code, for example, “;10-4” for affirmative.

Code Meaning
10-0 On my way (show current location)
10-1 Share Location
10-2 Report in as being available
10-3 Report in as being busy
10-4 Affirmative / Roger
10-5 Negative / Impossible
10-6 Returning to the Police Station
10-7 Prisoner in custody / Arrested suspect
10-8 Request immediate assistance / Officer injured - All non-busy units should answer with a 10-0 and proceed to location (shows current location)
10-9 Officer down, all units should answer with a 10-0 and proceed to location (shows current location) - This is automatically sent if an officer gets killed, no need for manual input, use 10-8 instead.

Going Undercover

As a police officer, you can go undercover by switching into civilian clothes (available at the armory) and toggling the undercover mode under the IC tab. Make sure to bring your badge, tough.

Objectives and Rules

Each faction has different objectives that will count towards the score.


Each company must acquire as much money as possible. Dead members will reduce the score. Money must be stored in the safe. To see how the disk conversion to money works, check The Art of the Deal#Disks. Attacking Police Officers should be avoided at all costs, as it will reduce the company’s points and give the police reason to search the HQ!

Score Values:

Money 1$ = 1 pt
Dead Members -100 pts
Killed Police Officer -250 pts
Killed Paramedic -500 pts


The police get points for arresting company members and bringing them to jail at the police station. They will lose points for every officer killed. Apprehended disks and money also count towards the score, and should be kept in the Evidence Room.


The police has the right to stop and search any person or vehicle, with or without suspicion, including setting up road blocks to search all traffic coming through. Company’s properties are exempt from this rule, as a search can only be conducted if there is a warrant, which only happens if a member of the company has harmed a police officer.

A police officer may use lethal force if the suspect:

  • is discharging a firearm towards another person;
  • attempts to fire at, run over, or physically harm a police officer;
  • is armed and refuses to disarm, or be disarmed, upon request by an officer.

A police officer may arrest a suspect if they:

  • are openly carrying firearms, explosives, silencers, or are found to be in possession of them while being searched;
  • are in possession of a disk of any company, even their own;
  • are trespassing another company’s property, as confirmed by a member of that company;
  • are trespassing inside the police station restricted area (anything after the reception);
  • are in possession of police equipment, including armor, firearms, and radios;
  • have a pending arrest warrant;
  • are resisting or refusing being searched by an officer. This also applies to vehicles. For properties, a warrant is needed.

The following items can be confiscated, without an arrest being necessary:

  • a vehicle being driven by a member of another faction, if claimed as stolen by the owner;
  • possession of more than 500$ in cash.

Suspects may be bailed from Jail for a fee of 500$, to be delivered in cash at the station.

Breaking the above rules will give penalties to the score, at the discretion of an admin.

Score Values:

Company’s Disks 300 pts
Processed Warrants 300 pts
Citizen’s Arrest Warrants 100 pts
Money 1$ = 1 pts
Dead Officers -150 pts

Round Example

The Red team contacts all the other teams to sell their disk. Green and Blue are interested. Blue offers more money, so they decide to go with them; however, Red decides to double-cross the Green team, scheduling a meeting near the gas station and warning the police about it.

Blue and Red successfully trade a disk for 400$. Meanwhile, the police show up and manage to arrest one of the green company members, while the rest of the team gets away.

The Green team contacts the Police in order to bail out their member: They offer 350$. The Police accept and both schedule a meeting to deliver the money. However, the green team takes advantage of the situation while the police station is left practically unguarded and launches an assault to free their team member.

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