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Getting Started


Welcome to civ 13 Please take a moment to read the server rules

Joining the Server

If you are familiar with the BYOND platform, you can skip this section.

  • First, you need to download BYOND. Get the Windows installer 1 (<10MB). Linux is only for hosting - If you have Linux or MacOS, use a virtual machine. (We recommend installing BYOND so you can launch the game from links, but if you prefer you can download the zip version 2.)
  • After installing it (or extracting the ZIP folder), open the bin folder and click on byond.exe. You will see a hub with several games on the left. Search for Space Station 13 to see the list of games. Scroll down until you see Civilization 13 and press Join. It will then download all the game files (around 50MB) and the game will start automatically.
  • You are now in the Lobby - Before you join, make sure to read the Rules.

TDM / Team Death Match Modes

RP / Roleplay Modes

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