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Guide to Fishing

Feeding a large population could be challenging, especially when there is a lack of arable land, wild game is nearing exctinction and ancestors ate all the poultry and livestock long ago. Despair not, though, for there remains a sizeable source of food to tap - seas and rivers, whose unsuspecting inhabitants are in for a big surprise.

Remember to check the Guide to Cooking once you come home loaded with seafood.


  • Equip yourself with one of the fishing tools.
  • Head to a waterbody.
  • Locate a tile teeming with fish.
  • Click the tile with the fishing tool… again… and again.

Alternately, you can build a fishing cage in water for a more passive approach.

If you have fished out a tile completely and there is no more fish, come back later - clueless creatures should appear at the same spot.


Ways of parting fish and the like with their element.

Sharpened stick The least effective way to catch fish. See here to learn the art of making a sharpened stick.
Fishing pole Made with 3 wood. You have a better chance of catching something with this than with a stick.
Fishing net Made with 4 rope. About as good as the pole.
Fishing rod Made with 5 iron. A modern fishing contraption. Only blast fishing would be better than this.
Fishing cage Made with 12 wood. Placed in water tiles (except swamp water) to lure in a clueless organism, who may not fall for it. The catch depends on the location. Placing a cage in deep saltwater may yield octopuses, lobsters and cod. Placing it in shallow water may yield generic fish or salmon.
Wait at least 30 minutes before checking a cage. A floating buoy will signal if there is something in the cage.


All those aquatic edibles.

Fish Just some generic fish confirmed to be edible.
Salmon A kind of fish usually found in jungle waters.
Cod A large fish found in deep saltwater, usually in colder regions. Can be salted to preserve.
Lobster Caught with the fishing cage. Boiled lobster goes good with beer.
Octopus Caught with the fishing cage. This seafood delicacy is a part of countless dishes around the world.

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