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Tribes is a fantasy gamemode with several races, described below.


  • Advanced technology compared to all other races (can build crude gunpowder weapons like arquebuses).
  • Good crafting and intelligence.
  • The weakest race physically, compared to other races.


  • Very high strength, dexterity, and stamina. Good on unarmed fights.
  • Can jump further than other races.
  • Doesn’t need to drink as often as other races, as they get water from their food.
  • Since you are an herbivore, you cannot eat meat, eggs, and so on. You can use grab intent to collect and eat leaves from trees.


  • Fastest race and highest stamina.
  • Can use howls to communicate with members far away.
  • Powerful bite.
  • Not attacked by wild wolves.
  • Can only eat meat.
  • Can handle the cold without a coat.


  • Stronger than humans, good starting strength and average construction skills.
  • Second most advanced after humans, but no gunpowder.
  • Radioactive resistance, can’t get cholera or food poisoning from raw meat, no bad mood from raw meat, gore, or hygiene.
  • Need to eat more often.
  • Can handle extreme heat better.


  • Very good strength and dexterity, decent construction skills.
  • Lowest technology of all races. Can’t build walls besides dirt walls, can’t build doors.
  • Can dig holes, mine, and collect dirt/sand without tools use grab intent and click on a floor. To dig a hole, right click and use the Dig verb.
  • Natural armoured skin gives some melee and radioactive defense.
  • Can’t handle the extreme cold or extreme heat.


  • Not slowed down by rough terrain (mud, snow).
  • Poisonous bite gives toxic damage.
  • Not attacked by wild reptiles.
  • Can’t handle the extreme cold or extreme heat.


  • Natural armoured skin gives good melee and radioactive defense.
  • Cannot wear shoes or gloves.
  • Can only eat meat (including rotten).
  • Can’t get cholera or food poisoning from raw and rotten meat, no bad mood from raw meat.
  • No movement delay on water or sand.

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