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Nomads Maps


This is the classic map, using the same map as the Civilizations map.

  • The map climate is temperate, with plenty of forests, rivers, overland mines, and farming space.
  • The northern part of the map contains most of the plains, while the southern part has most of the swamps and some beaches.
  • You may encounter mice, rabbits, bears, turkeys, cows, goats, snakes, deer, fish, frogs, leeches, horses, and alligators.
  • The round always starts in Spring.


  • In this map, the whole area is a desert with some sparse water sources and farming plots.
  • Water management is important here, as is control of the rare farmable areas around rivers and swamps.
  • You may encounter mice, bears, goats, snakes, frogs, leeches, horses, camels, and alligators.
  • The round always starts in the Wet Season.


A dense tropical rainforest. You can only farm on the floodplains and during the dry season. Wildlife is deadly here! Stay away from panthers, mosquitoes (as they carry malaria) and ants (will eat your food). Crossing rivers without a bridge is considered unsafe - piranhas are abundant.

Divide (Jungle-Desert)

Jungle biome on West side, Desert biome on East side, separated by mineable mountains and a small patch of clear land filled with alligators.

Ice Age

Snow plains with frozen rivers and lakes. Rock is more abundant than wood. You may encounter wolves, deer, bears, penguins, goats, mammoths, and dogs. Summer lasts only 1/4 of the year, the rest is winter.



A combined map with no oceans dividing the biomes, excluding mountain ranges.

The biomes are, from North to South:

Tundra, Taiga, Temperate, Semi-Arid, Desert, Savannah, and Jungle

New World




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