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  1. Little Creek RP

Little Creek RP

In this mode, there is a bank which contains a large sum of gold. The West/East Side Gang must face off against The East/West Side Gang along with deputies and Law bringers(Townsfolk who assist the deputies)

While the Deputies try to prevent them from stealing from the vault till the army arrives. Civilians are to be neutral at the beginning of the round

Rules of playing as a Gangster:

  • 1. You are to be secretive and need to become organized with other members of your own gang, you can accept townsfolk in by roleplaying them into the heist. (You can’t raid the sheriff’s armory alone, Or start a gunfight without proper escalation)
  • 2. You cannot assault officers of the law without proper escalation, give out a valid threat so they can respond to it.
  • 3. Don’t start a gunfight at the beginning of the round if it’s unnecessary.
  • 4. You can commit Petty theft for weapons and supplies from civilians, don’t shoot them though, give them time to actually respond.

Rules of playing as a Deputy or Sheriff:

  • 1. You can’t just shoot innocent people without any evidence, Including people with guns holstered.
  • 2. Try your best to capture the Gangster’s or trouble makers so you can question them. (You have cuffs for a reason)
  • 3. If a Civilian has a fire-arm that does not make them automatically a Gangster, Unless they are masked inside the vault.
  • 4. Suspicious behavior should not be the final nail in the coffin, you should make sure to understand your threats(Or Misunderstandings)
  • 5. Always try to keep the armory locked and secure along with it’s exterior openings.

Rules for Civilians(Bankers as well):

  • 1. If the law has done nothing to you or your companions, then you should not try to fight the law.

82. The Bank should always allow the Deputies into the vault to make sure it’s maintained (Bankers should keep and eye on the vault as well, while keeping the doors locked at all times)

  • 3.You can assist either side depending on if you roleplayed with them to actually get aligned with them. (Civilians Mainly)
  • 4. Don’t Wear a Bandana around the town unless you want to end up getting mistaken for being a Outlaw. (If you wear one in the bank armed you might as well be seen as an outlaw)

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