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This map is based around the crusades, their are two factions, both of them are religious zealots wishing to either defend or attack the Karak Castle.


  • The French (Crusaders), They are lead by the Holy Templar Knights and Lords, Templar Knights are accompanied by lower knights and squires, they must defend their castle from the Invading Caliphate.
  • The Islamic Caliphate (Muslims), A large Empire wishing to reclaim Karak Castle to be able to conquer Jerusalem, they are lead by an Emir(Lord) and Mamelukes(Knights), they must conquer the castle in order to win.

Arab Roles

Role Image Description Diffuculty
Emir (Lord) Command your army in reclaiming the castle of Karak from the Invaders, you may need to strategize. Very Hard
Mamluk (Heavy Infanty) Protect the Lord, You are a slave who has been placed in the army by your lord, do not disobey him. Hard
Sayaf (Swordsman) Kill Infidels, listen to your Lord’s orders. Medium
Alraamith (Spearmen) Kill Infidels, listen to your Lord. Medium
Rami Alsiham (Archer) Arm the Catapults, Kill Infidels with Catapults, don’t let them get inside the base. Easy
Imam (Priest)   Treat the wounded men of your caliphate. Medium

French Roles

Role Image Description Diffuculty
Grand Master (Crusader Leader)   Command your fellow Christians in order to prevent the Caliphate from taking Jerusalem back, die with honor. Very Hard
Templar Knight (Crusader Noble Knight)   Protect the Castle and organize your underlings into groups. Hard
Crusader Sergeant (Crusader Heavy Infanty)   Watch out for the Arabic barbarians, If they get in, you are the first part of the defense. Use bows and oil pots to kill filthy Arabians trying to get in. Medium
Crusader Squire (Crusader Light Infanty)   You are the subordinate to the sergeants, follow your sergeant’s orders whenever they are issued. Medium
Templar Priest (Priest)   Treat the wounded Crusaders while the siege carries on. Easy


Medical Practices are useful in this mode since almost everyone gets wounded, priests are on both sides and provide spiritual and medical assistance.

Provided Medical substances


  • Red Wine: Useful as a painkiller, is usually depleted in early game due to the drunks drinking it.
  • Healing Herbs: Basic Herbs, useful to cure bleeding.
  • Surgical Med kit: Contains all the useful items for surgery.
  • Bandages: Very Useful healing items, rare.

Islamic Caliphate (Muslims)

  • Healing Herbs: Basic Herbs, useful to cure bleeding.
  • Bandages:Very Useful healing items, rare.
  • Black Tea: Basically, cures poison and other types of illnesses.
  • Surgical Med kit: Contains all the useful items for surgery.

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