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Guide to Weapons

5000 B.C. Weapons

Weapon Image Description Available Craftable? Ammo type
Club A club used by cavemen during the stone age, reports say that during the Dunga wars, cavemen could be heard saying "UNGA BUNGA!" while waving their clubs around. 5000 B.C.- 2020 A.D. Yes
Quarterstaff A long stick to thwack thou enemies.. 5000 B.C.- 2020 A.D. Yes
Wood buckler A small shield made out of wood. 5000 B.C.- 1600 A.D. Yes
Battleaxe A battleaxe with a head the size of an infant, perfect to cut people in half because of inertia only. It can be made from multiple materials. 5000 B.C. - 1850 A.D. Yes
Tomahawk Light and cheap, perfect for any indian wishing to end a soldier's life. Or a nomad to end a city's... It can be made from multiple materials. 5000 B.C. - 1850 A.D. Yes
Spear A pointy stick used by many societies and civilizations; It can be made with a variety of different materials. 5000 B.C. - 2020 A.D. Yes
Sling A piece of leather which you can fling stones at the head of your foes with. 5000 B.C. - 2020 A.D. Yes Rocks
Whip A string of leather made to remind your slaves when NOT to stop farming your plantations. 5000 B.C. - 2020 A.D. Yes
Primitive bow A bow used by hunters to hunt gazelles and mammoths 5000 B.C.- 1013 A.D. Yes Arrows

313 B.C. Weapons

Weapon Image Description Available Craftable? Ammo type
Xiphos An ancient sword used by those in the Greek armies during the Greco-Persian wars, often times they were secondary weapons after the javelin or dory. 313 B.C. - 313 B.C. Yes
Dory The dory is a spear that was the main spear of hoplites (heavy infantry) in Ancient times. 313 B.C. - 1013 A.D. Yes
Sarissa The sarissa was a spear used in Ancient times by multiple greek states in phalanx formations, it's lenght is around 4 to 6 metres. 313 B.C. - 1013 A.D. Yes
Greek Shield An ancient shield used by those in the Greek armies, each shield represents a Greek city-state. 313 B.C. - 2020 A.D. Yes
Pilum A javelin commonly used by the Roman army in ancient times. It's head was an iron shank. 313 B.C. - 1013 A.D. Yes
Gladius An ancient sword used by those in the Roman army, it was the primary weapon used by foot soldiers. 313 B.C. - 313 B.C. Yes
Roman buckler A small shield used by the Roman Army not to protect the body, but to stop parry blows. 313 B.C. - 313 B.C. No
Roman shield The standard Roman shield also refered to as the "Scutum", used by the Roman Army. This shield is known for being used to perform the [Testudo Formation]( 313 B.C. - 2020 A.D. Yes
Roman standard What better way is there to send the message to the barbarians than whacking them in the head with it while screaming "Gloria Romae!" 313 B.C. - 313 B.C. No
Bronze shield A shield made from bronze. 313 B.C. - 2020 A.D. Yes
Iron shield A shield made from iron. 313 B.C. - 2020 A.D. Yes
Small sword A small sword that can be made from various materials, such as; copper, iron and steel. Made for combat that's quick and close. 450 A.D. - 2020 A.D. Yes
Arming sword A longer version of the short sword, can be made from bronze, iron or steel. 700 A.D. - 2020 A.D. Yes

1013 A.D. Weapons

Weapon Image Description Available Craftable? Ammo type
Garrote Just like a necklace of pearls it is made to suit a neck, just not a lady's, and not for much time. 650 B.C. - 2020 A.D. Yes
Throwing knife A light knife made from iron, suited for throwing at dummies and unexpecting rivals. 900 A.D. - 2020 A.D. Yes
Shuriken A shuriken is a Japanese concealed weapon that is commonly used by the samurai and police as a hidden dagger or quick dagger to throw. 1013 A.D. - 2020 A.D. Yes
Kunai A weapon to stab with and throw, but also a tool to spy... yoooOOOOOoo. 1013 A.D. - 2020 A.D. Yes
Naginata A pole weapon used by the samurai class and the infantry of feudal Japan. 1013 A.D. - 1650 A.D. Yes
Katana A sword used by the samurai class in feudal Japan. 1013 A.D.- 2020 A.D. Yes
Wakazashi The wakizashi is one of the traditionally made Japanese swords worn by the samurai in feudal Japan. 1013 A.D.- 2020 A.D. Yes
Tanto A short japanese knife. 1013 A.D.- 2020 A.D. Yes
Halberd The halberd consists of an axe blade topped with a spike mounted on a long shaft and a hook or thorn on the back side of the axe blade for grappling mounted combatants. 1013 A.D. - 2020 A.D. Yes
Pike A pike is a pole weapon, a very long thrusting spear used extensively by infantry. 1013 A.D. - 2020 A.D. Yes
Steel shield A shield made from hard steel, the most durable and resilient of its kind. 700 A.D. - 2020 A.D. Yes
Steel shield A shield used by saracens. 700 A.D. - 2020 A.D. No
Templar Shield A shield made from the best iron to fight for the Holy Throne. Deus lo vult!. 1100 A.D. - 1300 A.D. No
Maul A weapon made only for giants and mad men, this can reduce anyone to a meatsteak. 650 B.C. - 2020 A.D. No
Huge fucking sword "But for now... I'll fight with my sword for him! (voices sing)" *Clang!* 650 B.C. - 2020 A.D. No
Cannon A cannon capable of taking down castle walls by firing cannonballs. 1500 A.D. - 1850 A.D. Yes Stoneballs
Short bow A standard bow. 1013 A.D. - 1958 A.D. Yes Arrows
Long bow A bow capable of shooting further than a standard bow thanks to its longer string and bigger frame. 1013 A.D. - 1958 A.D. Yes Arrows
Crossbow A different kind of bow, with its string capable of storing energy until the lever of the frame is pulled, firing a bolt at high speeds. 1013 A.D. - 2020 A.D. Yes Bolts
Firelance The true predecesor of all firearms; inefficent, one-shot and with a reach of 3 metres. Used in the first days of gunpowder. 1013 A.D. - 1850 A.D. Yes Stonebullet

1713 A.D. Weapons

Weapon Image Description Available Craftable? Ammo type
Police baton A wooden baton to catch burglars. 1713 A.D. - 2020 A.D. Yes
Rapier A Rapier is type of sword with a slender and sharply-pointed two-edged blade. Common for duelling and self-defence but also as a military side arm. 1713 A.D.- 2020 A.D. Yes
Cutlass A cutlass is a short, broad sabre or slashing sword, with a straight or slightly curved blade sharpened on the cutting edge, and a hilt often featuring a solid cupped or basket-shaped guard. Dominant during the Age of Sail. 1713 A.D.- 1713 A.D. Yes
Spadroon A spadroon is a light sword with a straight edged blade, enabling both cut and thrust attacks. Used primarly in the army and the navy. 1713 A.D.- 1713 A.D. Yes
Longsword The largest sword most of people will be able to see, even if not the largest sword that can be made. Only for true knights. 1713 A.D.- 1713 A.D. Yes
Sabre A sabre is a type of backsword with a curved blade associated with the light cavalry. 1713 A.D.- 1873 A.D. Yes
Handcannon The true sucessor to the firelance. 1713 A.D. - 1850 A.D. Yes Stonebullet
Musket A muzzled-loaded long gun, the musket is a heavier version of the arquebus that became popular all around the world due to it's ability to penetrate heavy armour. 1713 A.D. - 1713 A.D. Yes Musket cartridge
Musketoon A shorter version of the musket, the musketoon mainly was popular among pirates and acted as a service shotgun or carbine. 1713 A.D. - 1713 A.D. Yes Musket cartridge
Arquebus The earliest version of a rifle in the 15th century, it is fired from its support stick. 1713 A.D. - 1850 A.D. Yes Musket cartridge
Flintlock pistol A flintlock rifle modified to be as small as a pistol. Famous around duellists, has a short range. 1713 A.D. - 1850 A.D. Yes Musketball (pistol)

1873 A.D. Weapons

Weapon Image Description Available Craftable? Ammo type
Colt Peacemaker The Colt Single Action Army, also known as the Single Action Army and Peacemaker, is a single-action revolver with a revolving cylinder holding six metallic cartridges. 1873 A.D.- 1973 A.D. Yes .45 Colt
Derringer A single-shot muzzleloading percussion cap pistol, for the wealthy and for those who want a quick, stealthy draw. 1873 A.D.- 1973 A.D. Yes .41 Short
Winchester 1873 A lever-action repeating rifle. The gun that won the West. 1873 A.D.- 1973 A.D. Yes .44-40
Sharps rifle A large-bore single-shot rifle. 1873 A.D.- 1973 A.D. Yes .45-70
Martini-Henry The Martini–Henry is a breech-loading single-shot lever-actuated rifle 1873 A.D.- 1973 A.D. Yes .577/540
Gewehr71 A german service rifle. 1873 A.D.- 1973 A.D. Yes 7.65x53mm
Artillery A heavy set of equipment made to continuously fire artillery shells upon great distances by flying in an arc. 1850 A.D.- 2020 A.D. Yes Artillery shell

1903-2020 A.D. Weapons

Weapon Image Description Available Craftable? Ammo type
Karabiner 98k A bolt-action rifle, the Kar98k was the standard service rifle used by the German Wehrmacht in World War II. 1943 A.D. - 1943 A.D. No 7.92x57mm Mauser
Ak47 Ak47 1943 A.D. - 2020 A.D. No 7.62×39mm
MP40 A submachine gun, the MP40 was mainly used by infantrymen, platoon officers, and paratroopers in the Wehrmacht. 1943 A.D. - 1943 A.D. No
Compound bow A bow that uses a levering system, cables and pulleys to bend the limbs to store more power inside the frame than the longbow. 1958 A.D.- 2020 A.D. Yes Arrows
G3 A german select-fire battlerifle developed by Heckler & Koch. 1943 A.D. - 1943 A.D. No 7.92x57mm Mauser
Flammenwerfer A German flamethrower used in World War II to burn Russians and Americans to a crisp; Just watch your back!. "Hans! Get ze flammenwerfer" 1943 A.D. - 1943 A.D. No Flammen
RPG-7 A russian-developed unguided rocket-launcher. 1943 A.D. - 2020 A.D. No 40 mm
M16 An American rifle. 1943 A.D. - 1943 A.D. No 5.56×45mm NATO
Shank For when the guards don't give you enough food... 1973 A.D.- 2020 A.D. Yes
FN P90 FN P90 1973 A.D.- 2020 A.D. No FN 5.7×28mm
FN SCAR-L A light version of the FN SCAR 1973 A.D.- 2020 A.D. No 5.56×45mm NATO
FN SCAR-H A heavy version of the FN SCAR 1973 A.D.- 2020 A.D. No 7.62×51mmmm NATO
Makeshift AK A barely functional imitation of the gas-operated, 7.62×39mm assault rifle, developed in the Soviet Union by Mikhail Kalashnikov 2013 A.D.- 2020 A.D. Yes 7.62x39mm

Reloading Mechanism

Arquebus ( Late Medieval )

  1. Add Gunpowder

    Either from barrel full of Gunpowder or Gunpowder pouch.

  2. Add Projectiles

    Musket balls; Can be made from any materials.

  3. Cock the flintlock/musket and Fire

    Press Z to cock the musket.

Chad Tip: Always keep a gunpowder pouch by yourside at all times, it can also fit into your ‘Pouch’ slot much like wallet and coin pouch then the musket balls into your pockets for easy picking. You should also never rely on Flintlocks, they are only one time shot, so make sure to actually pointblank your enemy before engaging in swordfight.

Muskets/Flintlocks ( Early Gunpowder Age )

They are like Arquebus but sometimes you have this already made musket ammo then the process should be like:

  1. Insert Musket ammo
  2. Cock the musket and Fire

Chad Tip: Webbings are good way to hoard all the musket ammo but always keep 4-6 ammo in your webbing rather than hoarding it, this is to prevent your team losing ammo too early in combat or late-joiners to fight with fist or scavenging dead bodies. You can also add bayonet in your musket so you could engage in melee combat.

Lever-Action/Cowboy Revolvers ( The Frontier Age )

  1. Find the appropriate bullet for the gun

    Examine to see what caliber your gun uses,

  2. Open the pouch

    Right-click the Pouch then click toggle drawing method

  3. Start filling it with bullet and chamber it then shoot.

    Press Z to Chamber the round

Chad tip: Once you fired all your ammo and you find yourself unable to reload your gun, don’t forget to remove the bullet casings out of your gun since bullet casings don’t automatically eject out of the gun. Depends on the gun.

WW1/WW2/Modern Guns ( The Unga Wars )

  1. Insert magazine and gun go brrrrrt.

Chad tip: Give @HumbleServant#8462 a headpat to the head if you approciate his effort for this guide.

Other things you should know:

  1. The Shotgun ammo box and the (Insert Caliber Here) pouch MUST turn their toggle drawing methods after picking it up otherwise it will only allow you to pick it up from the ground but not what inside.

  2. Rifle Magazines and Rifle clip can be refilled by combining them together or standing on top of ammo piles and pressing C. This also works on both Ammo Box and Rifle Bullet Pouch. (This tip only works if both bullet is same caliber otherwise, it won’t so don’t bother.)

  3. You can recycle used bullet casings by adding gunpowder to it and adding projectiles made of Leads.

  4. Bigger caliber doesn’t mean bigger damage. “Damage” is non-existent and a false idol “Professional” SS13 believes in, at the end of the day, you’ll often find yourself being killed by stray bullet, by accurate artillery fire and lastly by 9mm bullet.

Extra: Gunpowder Recipe

  • Sulphur (Extracted from Sulphur Rocks)
  • Saltpeter (Extracted from Saltpeter Rocks)
  • Coal (Extracted from Coal)

    Use extraction kit to have extra +2 regeants then fill the barrel. This should be done in this exact order otherwise you get cyanide.

Alternatively, this is the UNGA way.

  • Saltpeter (Shit and Piss into the barrel)
  • Sulphur (Sulphur rock shoved into the barrel)
  • Charcoal (Slapped into the barrel)

    Wait for explosion. If none, add them to bullet casings and enjoy.

Weapon types and how to use them.


Advantages - Short-range, Guaranteed to hit Op-Fors pointblank-6 blocks, Self-defence weaponry, Low-Damage but able to kill in one shot if used correctly, Only requires 1.0 skill in firearms to actually use it properly. Even a kid can use this.
Disadvantages - Short-range, Limited ammo, Only good shooting yourself or executing an unga.

Chad tip: Virgin Medic is when you drop your pistol to grab M4/M16 , Chad Medic is when you actually settle for pistol and shoot VietCongs running toward your Foxhole Clinic.

Submachine Gun

Advantages - Short-range, Bullet spread is minimal, Good for CQB (Close Quarter Battle), Good for clearing alleyways or clearing a room.
Disadvantages - Short-ranged, Bullet spread is abit messy when full-auto, Really bad at open-field battle.

Chad tip - This gun is never really meant for open-field battle, think of it as automatic pistol with extended magazine and also, always aim for the groin and chest. Your hit percentage will decrease if you aim for the head.

Semi-Auto/Automatic Rifles

Advantages - Medium-range, Good for both close quarter and open-field firefight, Semi-Auto firemode for long range engagement, FULL AUTO IN THE BUILDINGS!!
Disadvantages - Medium-ranged, Bullet Spread is at Maximum when put in full-auto much like in real life, It takes 2.7 Skill in Firearm to become God, If you put it in full-auto expect your accuracy/hit percentage to decrease to almost zero.

Chad Tip - Semi-Automatics have higher chance to hit the target other than full auto. Full auto are not useless feature, it is use to suppress people in their spot or fire blindly to wherever the bullets coming from.

Bolt-Action Rifles:

Advantages - ACTUAL GOD, Close Range? Long Range? Fuck that, this gun works in all range. You can blast someone’s head even though they are in sandbags or in Foxholes. You are a SNIPER, try not to engage in close combat and actually fight where no one could see you or you know, be a chad and kill them close-range with pointblank.
Disadvantages - GOD. There’s no Disadv on this gun other than you’re fucked if you’re out of ammo.

Chad Tip - Do a 360 spin killshot and send it to Taislin to be featured in Announcement. - HumbleServant

The Chad Machine Gun

Advantages - Gun go brrrrrt, 300 ammo orgasm, No one can close their position to your foxhole or your defensive line, haha yes dieeee brrrrrt. On a serious note, this is a gun good for holding a line and keeping people suppressed or keeping them from moving one inch in their spot otherwise they’ll get hit. The bullet spread is at maximum but that’s actually intended. Firing blindly or to enemy general direction and its chances to hit someone is never zero, If they are not entrenched they have a chance to get shot by a stray bullet.
Disadvantages - People who uses it. Literally, Unga’s finest choice thinking they are rambo or protagonist. Gives people “Power Complex”. Cursed.

Chad tip - Literally the chad and tide-turner of the game if used properly, keep a pistol with you at all times so you can blast someone’s head if they manage to get near to your foxholes.

Other things you should know about:

  1. Entrenched only lower your chances of getting struck by oncoming bullets and it that doesn’t mean you’re invincible. Even combined with “Rest” to act like crawling does not count as lowering your chance. Only sandbags does.

  2. RNGesus is your enemy, prepare for the unexpected. Staying in one spot is certain death, getting shot at is also certain death. Proned or not, it is always death if you stay at one spot and let enemies shoot you.

  3. Going Rambo never works, running up to them while firing your machine gun will stop you from moving which makes you more vulnerable than other people who’s entrenched.

  4. If they are at your line of sight and so are you. If you try to shoot them, there’s only 25-45% your bullets will hit them from their entrenched combined with sandbag possition.

  5. All guns are capable of penetrating a wall, higher caliber means higher penetration. So make sure to shoot through walls to get a chance of killing someone. Especially people hiding in the corner.

Grenades and What to do with them:

Shrapnel Grenades 360 Shrapnel Coverage with a radius of 5-10 blocks. Make sure to duck or rest when a grenade is lobbed close to your possition to avoid shrapnels or atleast lower your chance getting caught by it.
High Explosives/Anti-Tank Blast radius estimation is 3-7 blocks. This grenade can cause PTSD if it caught someone and gib them, also works to disable tanks so try to hit them on their side since attacking at the front is a suicide charge.
Chemical Grenade Blast radius estimation is 10x10. The bane of Unga, it's hard to treat chemical damage since it mostly affect their organs mainly their heart and their lungs and this is why both Germans and Russians have gas mask. Don't use this on open-field, this is much more effective when used inside a building or trench lines.
Smoke Grenades Full screen coverage, Coverage estimation is about 5-8 blocks. Smoke grenades are useful mainly for medics and people with actual brain of a Chad, smokes prevents snipers shooting people inside it and it also blocks their view and unable to shoot directly to people covered in smoke.

How to use artillery

This is the artillery menu. From the top to the bottom:

  1. The shell you have loaded
  2. How far you are aiming to hit
  3. The deviation to the right/left of the shell (from your character’s point of view)


To have a higher chance of success at firing artillery shells on your enemies’ territory, it’s best if you have a telescope in hand. Or even better yet, a “spotter” to have their telescope always on the target, telling you where to aim while you control the artillery.

Each tile further means you’ll have to add the value of “1” to the distance. If you want to hit 45 tiles away, you must aim for “45” distance.*


The sway is the “deviation” or just sway, that the shell will be affected by. If you fire from coordinates that aren’t exactly aligned with your enemy, you can use these to move your shell left-to-right instead of moving the artillery.


You will need to load a shell before firing, you can clearly see if there’s one by checking the panel.


There are many kinds of shells, like chlorine shells, zyklon B shells, white phosphorus shells, makeshift nuclear shells and many more, but let’s see these more simple examples.

image This is a High-Explosive shell, it will create a big explosion where it lands, spreading fire along. Great if your enemy has houses made out of wood or if there’s grass around.

image This is an Armor-Piercing shell, it will pierce through the armour of tanks.

All the other shells are:

Chlorine Designed to cause overexposure to the chlorine element, it causes respiratory system failure and severe nose and throat irritation
Mustard A man-made agent which causes chemical burning of the skin, eyes, and throat., very nasty stuff.
Phosgene A far more potent and well disguised cousin of chlorine gas, it has a slightly delayed but otherwise identical effect.
White Phosphorus A type of pyrophoric incendiary munition, it ignites air creating a large smoke cloud. Temperatures high enough to cause fourth degree burns to anyone unfortunate enough to be in direct contact.
Xylyl Bromide Primarily used as a "tear gas" type agent. Stereotypical respiratory pain and eye, skin, and throat irritations. Not heavily lethal, however.
Zyklon B Cyanide-based pesticide, it impedes upon cellular respiration. In simpler words it 'deactivates' the entire human body within minutes post-inhalation.
APCR A shell designed with a hard metal penetrating core, it has extreme penetrative force made to wound tank crews and disable vehicle components.
AP A steel alloy shell designed to survive the shock of direct hits against metal armor and continue going. Not exactly fancy but it works.
HE A shell designed to inflict as much concussive explosive force as possible, applications include destruction of fortifications or direct anti-personnel usages.
Makeshift Nuclear A shell designed to irradiate a large area for long periods of time.

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