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Guide to Ranching


Well, from the very start of the Neolithic age, Humanity has started domesticating animals.

Animal Image Description
Chicken A bird great for laying eggs.
Pig Good for manure and meat.
Sheep These animals are quite valuable as they can be sheared to drop wool.
Cow Highly valuable as they give milk, which doesn't need to be purified or pastured at all. They can also breed in a 5x5 cage.
Horse Extremely valuable. You can ride these animals or kill them (discouraged as these are rare)
Camel Just like horses but you can't ride them, Put a bag on their back to carry equipment
Goat Much like the cow, goats can be milked if female.
Turkey A bird great for laying eggs!


To simply get these animals to multiply, you have to have them in a fairly small area and cramp them. For cows you need a bull and a cow cramped in a fairly small area and they’ll eventually get to it. Chickens just need at least 2 and one needs to lay an egg and be sitting on top of it for awhile. Try customizing your chicken coops making it so they are unable to move off their egg.(Only the cows, chickens, Deers, Pigs, Sheep, Goats and turkey’s can breed for now)


Animal Image Description
Crab Crabby snappy, watch out for its arms.
Wolf Seen in temperate and tundra, they go in packs most of the time.
Goose Geese always mark their territory.
Panther The assasins of the jungle, hunt with caution.
Jaguar Fastest hunters in the game.
Boa It can strangle anyone to death.
Mammoth A colossal behemoth, towering over huts and houses. If one thinks of hunting alone one of these, they'll find themselves stomped, their gibs all over the place.
Cobra An aggressive cobra will jump and bite you if you approach it.
Crow Flies around towns giving everyone the frights. *caw caw*.
Buffalo Hyper-aggressive buffalos, don't try going near them.
Mouse *Bites you* O-oh I spread you m-my plague, sowwy uwu.
Penguin Found around the northern hemisphere, mostly at coasts.
Bear Bears roam the temperate, run away if you have no weapon.
Alligator A fierce beast that roams the swamp. If you have no weapon you should run because you can't kill these with your hand. Faster in the rain.
Deer These animals will run away from you when they see you! Try making them run into a corner to kill them.
Snake A slithery serpent that feasts among small mice; Though it is cute, touching it isn't the best idea.
Frog Drops 1 meat. Watch out though if the frog is poisonous it can kill you! Other than that it just eats flies.
Poisonous Frog A poisonous creature, it is the cousin of the normal frog, however, eating it will leave the taste of death in your mouth!


Insect Image Description
Flies An annoying pest that will buzz around any food you leave out, so stay clean!
Mosquitos These fly like creatures give you malaria, stay away from them. If you do get bit by them, don't worry there's Quinine that cures malaria in swamp regions.
Locusts Ready to eat your crops, ready to molest that corn. Hide your cabbage, hide your wheat, locusts are here to swindle your meat.
Cockroach Penisbeetle for the friends.
Leech Completely harmless unless they gang up on you, human boy. Can be used in medicine as a method to suck blood out.

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