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Guide to Radiation

Radiation, in the rounds where it exists, plays an important role. In this page you will find out how radiation works and how to survive it.

How radiation works

There are two metrics you must take into account when dealing with radiation: radiation emitted and radiation absorbed. Emitted radiation is measured in Sieverts per second. This can be measured with a Geiger counter. This is the amount of radiation that is currently affecting a certain area each second. 1% of this amount will be absorbed as Grays per second, assuming absolutely no protection.

Absorbed radiation is measured in Grays. If you check yourself with a Geiger counter you will get your contamination value. Your radiation values will decrease with time, but high values of absorbed radiation will have severe health effects starting from around 0.4 Gy. A value of 6 or higher will invariably kill you.

Handling Radiation

The radiation levels at a certain area depends on a variety of factors. Underground areas won’t be affected by world radiation unless there is an emission in the area (uranium ore, for example). Overground, radiation is a sum of the global radiation values and current radiation emissions (these current emissions will also give you radiation burns). If you are under a roof, then the exposure will be reduced to 10%.

Weather also plays a role, some weather conditions (like rain and storms) will increase the radiation being absorbed.

All clothes give minimal radiation protection to the body parts covered. However, the most effective means of protection (although not fail proof; efficiency around 80%) are NBC suits. Gas masks are not specifically protective, but will help.

It is important that you shower or remove the cloths worn used outside when you return to a safer area, as the clothes will absorb radiation and emit it back to you if not washed.

Not only humans get exposed: plants do too. The ones you farm will get exposed to a fraction of the soil’s radiation and will increase your levels when consumed. Irradiated water will also irradiate you when drinking it or when crossing it.

If you did get exposed, some medicines will help with the radiation. The most effective is potassium iodide. Alcohol will also somewhat help if nothing else is available. Be sure to patch up radiation burns from acute exposure.

Human effects

Absorbed Grays (Gy) Effects
0.4 Gy - 1.0 Gy Nausea, twitching, occasional blackouts
1.0 Gy - 2.0 Gy Nausea, twitching, occasional blackouts, rare vomiting
2.0 Gy - 3.0 Gy Frequent blackouts, vomiting blood, brain damage
3.0 Gy - 5.0 Gy Frequent blackouts, vomiting blood, brain damage, possible death
Over 5.0 Gy Unavoidable death

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