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  1. Guide to Species

Guide to Species

Here is a guide to the few human races and species we have in the game currently, you might like to read them to understand them. All of these species must follow the rules there are no exceptions.

Species Description
Human.pngHumans Mainly just evolved apes that have much more freedom than the other species. Generally warlike yet are prone to bask themselves in culture. They greatly vary in physique and behaviour.
Wolfman.pngWolfmen A cross between a man and a wolf, their fur protects them from the cold and they can howl to communicate up to 15 turfs away. (Raw meat can be consumed but they'll get sick from rotten meat).
Lizard.pngLizardfolk A stone age race of large reptiles, Alligators will not attack them and they're highly resistant to heat and have a strong bite.
Orc.pngOrcs Greenskined Humanoids the majority are very backward in their cultural understandings and it is usually rare to find them not following their primal instincts, They are extremely warlike and will occasionally act more savagely, as an optimistic species their kind will eat about anything but their own waste material. They are very resistant to radiation. WAAAGH!
Antman.pngAntmen Giant Humanoid Ants that are said to be descendants of the Titanomyrma, they have been said to originate from below the soil after a natural disaster devastated their massive underground dwelling they are now nomads to travel the land above. They can dig with their hands and have limited construction.
Crabs.pngCrabs Crustaceans, an advanced race that can drink saltwater, they have a strong shell and sharp claws perfect for unarmed combat.
Skeleton.png Skeletons "Spooky scary skeletons."

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