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Guide to Hygiene

In this guide you will learn how not to be a filthy disgusting unga that is so depressed he’s considering drowning himself in his own urine as a way of suicide. In other words, someone who won’t be hated by literally everyone around them. Wow! Rare indeed.

So, you’re a bit stinky and need a good wash. There are currently three ways you are able to wash yourself: 1. is a bucket of clean water (pots and barrels work too); 2. is a shower; 3. is a bath.

For extra cleaning effect, you can resort to soap. Details below.

Bucket and the like

Washing your stinky ass self with a bucket:

  1. Fill a bucket with at least 30 units of clean water, either from a well, or boiled in a pot from a puddle or river.
  2. Strip like you’re at the club and just had 40 beers and don’t care who sees your Johnson. In other words, be naked.
  3. Target the chest area while on harm intent, and click yourself.
  4. This washes you, which should raise your hygiene enough so you’re not stinky with a cloud of filth and smell around you. However, it can dissipate fairly fast, so wash yourself a few times (usually 3 is just fine) and it should last a bit.


Crafting a shower:

  1. With a stack of 10 Glass in hand, press Z.
  2. Select the shower option. Mind that the shower will be built BEHIND you, so if you want it on a wall, turn your back to it.
  3. An advanced washing apparatus is ready for your use.

Washing yourself with a shower:

  1. Be naked.
  2. Turn it on.
  3. Stand under it for a few seconds.
  4. Your stinky cloud should disappear. Sit under it until it’s steamy, then it’s equivalent to washing yourself a few times with a bucket.

Congrats! You’re no longer stinky.


Crafting a bath:

Baths are made with different materials in different epochs (check Full Crafting List, look for “bath”). Public baths are just larger versions of regular ones.

Washing yourself in a bath:

  1. Be naked.
  2. Click the bath so there is water.
  3. Step inside the bath and stay there for a couple of seconds (buckling for extra immersion is optional).
  4. How clean you get depends on the kind of bath. Baths out of more advanced materials are better at cleaning. The order of the “bathing power”, increasing: wood, stone, copper, bronze, steel, industrial acidic bath.


Helps to have a much better wash and allows washing in any water tile. You can also use it in a bath or under the shower (make sure there is water in the bath and the shower is showering). As always, be naked, get in a bath or stand in the water or under the shower, then click yourself with the soap – you can use a single bar up to 30 times. Washing with soap is so good, you even get a mood boost from it.

Using the washroom

So, you’re an unga who’s about to shit him or herself. Well, the steps to prevent doo doo in your pantsu are very simple. There are 3 types of toilets/latrines you can use. 1. the pit latrine dug with a shovel, 2. an outhouse made from wood or 3. a toilet made from glass (make sure the lid is open).

Digging a Latrine:

  1. Have a shovel and press Z to open the menu and select “Pit Latrine” out of the three options.
  2. Stand over said pit latrine and use the pee and poop emotes (Emote tab, or type *pee and *poop in chat).
  3. Leave with your dignity, having not shit yourself (make sure it’s an outhouse, not just open space, privacy is needed).

A pit latrine could be removed by filling it with 4 dirt piles.

Building an outhouse:

  1. With a stack of at least 35 Wood in hand, press Z.
  2. Select the Hygiene category, then choose one of three types of outhouse (the only difference is appearance).
  3. There, now you can do your business away from prying eyes.

An outhouse could be deconstructed with the hammer.

Crafting a toilet:

  1. With a stack of Glass in hand, press Z.
  2. Select the Toilet option.
  3. Bam, you’ve now got a shitter.

Use these toiletries in privacy, make outhouses, don’t shit everywhere or make a mess. You filthy ungas, clean up after yourselves!


Look at you! That unkempt beard of yours shows me something from every meal you had last week! This may have been acceptable back in the Cave Age, but not any more! Make yourself a damn razor out (cast via the knife mold) and cut that hair by clicking yourself with a razor on Help intent!

Washing clothes

You would not want to carry a colony of blood-sucking, possibly disease-ridden little nasties on your very own self, would you? To avoid painful death from typhus and preserve your style and dignity, be sure to wash your wearables from time to time. This includes clothing and footwear. You can see the degree of an item’s dirtiness by examining it (Shift+Click). To wash something, take it in your hands and click a water tile, a well or a puddle with it.

Keeping the place clean

Bear in mind, that having any kind of turd or turd-related constructions (outhouses etc.) within 4 tiles of a well will contaminate it, making its water unsafe to drink.

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