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Guide to Communications


Type of Tower



Utility pole

must be within 2 tiles of another tower to work, can't be diagonal

Cell Tower

Must be within 30 tiles of another tower to work. needs power


Screaming: the best form of getting help, but its better if your a woman.

Bone horn: blow it to signal a charge or an enemy invasion.

Campfire: use cloth/leather sheets on a campfire to cause a smoke signal with a range of 40 tiles to attract help or friends.

Lanterns: Lit lanterns can be used for limited communication for certain situations. (Use a telescope to see them from a far)

Messengers: these are men who dedicate their lives to delivering letters to people who need them in time usually on horseback.

Telegraph: To use a telegraph it must be within 2 tiles of a communications pole, you need a telegraph and a telegraph printer with paper in it to actually send messages. Doesn’t need power

Cameras: a simple form of relaying information through photographs, either for keeping memories of the past or for spying on enemy nations and war journalism.

Stationary phone: must be within 2 tiles from a utility pole in order to work. (Not working currently)

Stationary Radio: requires power and a microphone in order to respond to calls, it has a set frequency which you can change at any time.

Mobile Radio backpack: requires no power and takes up the backpack slot.

Mobile phone: must be within 50 tiles of a mobile tower to work. Shift click the phone in hand in order to see watch your phone number currently is. Does not require power only a signal.

Walkie Talkie: Small version of a radio and can be place in a pocket or coinpouch slot.

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