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Guide to Chemistry

Here you can find all the possible chemical reactions.

Exported on 5 Dec 2019.

Chemical Reactions List

Result Ingredients Catalysts Inhibitors Produced Amount ID  
Penicillin 10u. yeast 1u. acetone none none 5 penicillin  
Tramadol 1u. opium 1u. ethanol 1u. acetone none none 3 tramadol  
Oxycodone 1u. ethanol 1u. tramadol 5u. tungsten none 1 oxycodone  
Soporific 1u. chloralhydrate 4u. sugar none u. phosphorus 5 stoxin  
Chloral Hydrate 1u. ethanol 3u. hclacid 1u. water none none 1 chloralhydrate  
Potassium Chloride 1u. sodiumchloride 1u. potassium none none 2 potassium_chloride  
Potassium Chlorophoride 1u. potassium_chloride 1u. tungsten 1u. chloralhydrate none none 4 potassium_chlorophoride  
Diethylamine 1u. ammonia 1u. ethanol none none 2 diethylamine  
Foaming Agent 1u. lithium 1u. hydrazine none none 1 foaming_agent  
Hydrochloric Acid 1u. hydrogen_chloride 5u. water none none 5 hclacid  
Potassium Iodide 1u. potassium 1u. iodine none none 1 potassium_iodide  
Ammonia 1u. nitrogen 3u. hydrogen none none 1 ammonia  
Acetone 1u. carbon 2u. ethanol none none 1 acetone  
Table Salt 1u. sodium 1u. chlorine none none 1 sodiumchloride  
Hydrogen Chloride 1u. hydrogen 1u. chlorine none none 1 hydrogen_chloride  
Water 1u. oxygen 1u. hydrogen none none 1 water  
Glycerol 3u. cornoil 1u. sacid none none 1 glycerol  
Sodium Chloride 1u. sodium 1u. hclacid none none 2 sodiumchloride  
Aspirin 5u. carbon 4u. hydrogen 2u. oxygen none none 5 aspirin  
Calcium carbonate 1u. carbon 1u. calcium 3u. oxygen none none 2 calcium carbonate  
Carbon dioxyde 1u. carbon 2u. oxygen none none 2 carbon_dioxyde  
Sulphuric acid 1u. sulfur 1u. oxygen 1u. hydrogen none none 2 sacid  
Saline Glucose solution 1u. sodium_clorhide 1u. water 1u. sugar none none 2 saline_glucose  
Aqua regia 1u. nitric_acid 3u. clorhydric_acid none none 2 aqua_regia  
Nitric acid 2u. nitrogen 5u. oxygen 3u. water none none 4 nitric_acid  
Clorhydric acid 1u. hydrogen 1u. chlorine none none 1 clorhydric_acid  
Baking soda 1u. carbon_dioxide 1u. ammonia 2u. sodium_chloride none none 2 baking_soda  
Bleach 1u. sodium_hypochlorite 9u. water none none 10 bleach  
Sodium hypochlorite 1u. potassium 1u. oxygen 1u. chlorine none none 2 sodium_hypochlorite  
Hydrazine 1u. ammonia 1u. hydrogen 1u. nitrogen none none 1 hydrazine  
Condensed Capsaicin 2u. capsaicin 5u. tungsten none 1 condensedcapsaicin  
Methylphenidate 1u. mindbreaker 1u. hydrazine none none 3 methylphenidate  
Citalopram 1u. mindbreaker 1u. carbon none none 3 citalopram  
Paroxetine 1u. mindbreaker 1u. acetone none none 3 paroxetine  
Explosion 1u. water 1u. potassium none none 2 explosion_potassium  
Nitroglycerin 1u. glycerol 1u. potassium none none 2 nitroglycerin  
Nitrocellulose 1u. sulfur 1u. cotton 1u. potassium none none 2 nitrocellulose  
Gunpowder 1u. sulfur 1u. carbon 1u. potassium none none 3 gunpowder  
Gunpowder 1u. sulfur 1u. charcoal 1u. potassium none none 3 gunpowder  
Saltpeter 2u. poo 1u. urine none none 1 potassium  
Saltpeter 2u. fertilizer 1u. urine none none 1 potassium - id=””
Napalm 1u. gasoline 1u. cotton none none 1 napalm  
Chemsmoke 1u. potassium 1u. sugar 1u. phosphorus none none 0.4 chemsmoke  
Hexachloroetane 6u. chlorine 2u. carbon none none 10 hexachloroetane  
Chlorine Gas 5u. chlorine 5u. hydrogen none none 5 chlorine_gas  
Mustard Gas 4u. carbon 8u. hydrogen 2u. chlorine 1u. sulfur none none 10 mustard_gas  
White Phosphorus Gas 5u. phosphorus 5u. hydrogen none none 5 white_phosphorus_gas  
Phosgene Gas 5u. chlorine 2.5u. carbon 2.5u. oxygen 5u. carbon none 5 phosgene_gas  
Xylyl Bromide 6u. carbon 4u. hydrogen 1u. bromine none none 5 xylyl_bromide  
Zyklon B 10u. cyanide 5u. hydrogen none none 5 zyklon_b  
Cyanide 1u. carbon 1u. nitrogen none none 1 cyanide  
Hot Coco 5u. water 1u. coco none none 5 hot_coco  
Cheesewheel 40u. milk 5u. enzyme none 1 cheesewheel  
Meatball 3u. protein 5u. flour none none 3 meatball  
Dough 5u. water 10u. flour none none 1 dough  
Sweet Dough 3u. egg 10u. flour 2u. sugar none none 1 sweet_dough  
Goldschlager 10u. vodka 1u. gold none none 10 goldschlager  
Patron 10u. tequilla 1u. silver none none 10 patron  
Bilk 1u. milk 1u. beer none none 2 bilk  
Iced Tea 1u. ice 2u. tea none none 3 icetea  
Iced Coffee 1u. ice 2u. coffee none none 3 icecoffee  
Moonshine 10u. nutriment 5u. enzyme none 5 moonshine  
Grenadine Syrup 10u. berryjuice 5u. enzyme none 10 grenadine  
Wine 10u. grapejuice 5u. enzyme none 10 wine  
Melon Liquor 10u. watermelonjuice 5u. enzyme none 5 melonliquor  
Vodka 10u. potato 5u. enzyme none 5 vodka  
Sake 10u. rice 5u. enzyme none 5 sake  
Gin and Tonic 2u. gin 1u. tonic none none 3 gintonic  
Classic Martini 2u. gin 1u. vermouth none none 3 martini  
Vodka Martini 2u. vodka 1u. vermouth none none 3 vodkamartini  
White Russian 2u. blackrussian 1u. cream none none 3 whiterussian  
Screwdriver 2u. vodka 1u. orangejuice none none 3 screwdrivercocktail  
Bloody Mary 2u. vodka 3u. tomatojuice 1u. limejuice none none 6 bloodymary  
Tequilla Sunrise 2u. tequilla 1u. orangejuice none none 3 tequillasunrise  
Irish Cream 2u. whiskey 1u. cream none none 3 irishcream  
The Manly Dorf 1u. beer 2u. ale none none 3 manlydorf  
Irish Coffee 1u. irishcream 1u. coffee none none 2 irishcoffee  
Margarita 2u. tequilla 1u. limejuice none none 3 margarita  
Red Mead 1u. blood 1u. mead none none 2 red_mead  
mead 2u. honey 2u. water 5u. enzyme none 2 mead  
Iced Beer 5u. beer 1u. ice none none 6 iced_beer  
Cafe Latte 1u. coffee 1u. milk none none 2 cafe_latte  
Andalusia 1u. rum 1u. whiskey 1u. lemonjuice none none 3 andalusia  
Snow White 1u. beer 1u. lemon_lime none none 2 snowwhite  
Syndicate Bomb 1u. beer 1u. whiskeycola none none 2 syndicatebomb  
Driest Martini 1u. nothing 1u. gin none none 2 driestmartini  
Lemonade 1u. lemonjuice 1u. sugar 1u. water none none 3 lemonade  
Kira Special 1u. orangejuice 1u. limejuice 1u. sodawater none none 3 kiraspecial  
Milkshake 1u. cream 2u. ice 2u. milk none none 5 milkshake  
Luminol 2u. hydrogen 2u. carbon 2u. ammonia none none 6 luminol  
rum 3u. sugar 1u. water 5u. enzyme none 1 rum  
beer 2u. flour 2u. water 5u. enzyme none 2 beer  
ale 2u. barleyflour 2u. water 5u. enzyme none 2 ale  

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